Las Vegas Sales & Marketing Academy (3rd Annual) for Wedding & Events Business Owners

Saturday, March 10 2018, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM [PST]

3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89109, United States


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Saturday, March 10 2018, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM [PST]

About the Event

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Our room is limited to only a small number of business owners that are serious about growing their business.  It will be an intimate environment where you can get your questions answered. We started with only 24 seats and many of those have already been assigned to previous customers. Don’t delay and miss out on this opportunity.


a little about..

The Third Annual Las Vegas SALES AND MARKETING Academy for Event Business Owners

Our Theme This Year: Scale and Grow

Actionable tactics and strategies to make your event business grow.

That’s what it’s all about.

Some things you should know before you register…


What this pre-day is not:

This is NOT another day just like the rest of photo booth expo or mobile beat. Do not plan to just come and passively listen all day. Do NOT plan to pick and choose parts to attend. 

This is NOT a gear day. We will not discuss what booth we like best, what software, etc. You will have plenty of time to do those things on the show floor in the days following.

This is NOT somewhere to be if you are 100% happy with your business in its current state and have no desire to grow and do bigger things. You should already have a runniing business and be successful but should not want to let your foot off the gas.

This is NOT somewhere to be if you are a whiner, complainer, or victim who thinks that it is impossible to succeed in business or that it is someone else’s fault you are not as successful as you want to be.

This is NOT for you if you plan to listen and then go home and not do anything different.

This is NOT for you if you focus on why you can’t make something work or have a closed mind to new approaches.

This is NOT for you if the registration fee will cause you financial hardship and take food off your table (the new price this year should make it a no brainer even with travel and lodging expenses). 


What this pre-day is…

This is an small intimate group setting of successful event business owners. We will be hands-on in helping each other to succeed. The entire day builds upon itself so you must attend in its entirety. 

This is a day to solely focus on marketing and sales to grow your business. We will talk in-depth with real-world examples on how to generate more leads for your business and how to better convert those leads into paying customers.

This is PROVEN tactics and strategy we use in our own business and have used to help hundreds of other small business owners through our marketing agency. 

This is somewhere to focus on growing and pushing the limits of what you think is possible.

This is only for open-minded supportive individuals that are not know-it-alls but instead seek a deeper understanding of how to make their business work for them instead of becoming a slave to their business.

This is for action takers that will enact their plan when they get back home in order to drastically grow their business faster than they thought possible.

This is for those that are open to new approaches and focus on how to make something work instead of why it won’t.

 This is for those that see the registration fee is a sliver of what attending will bring into their business over the course of the next year. Even if you have never invested in a workshop like this, you see that just one job will more than pay for your investment 10x.  We aren’t focusing on one job though, we want to transform your business. What if what you learn can get you one more job per month? What about one more job per week? What would that do for your business and your life? That is the results we are looking for. Look, we reduced the fee so much that this year is a no brainer.


Here is some of what will be covered (subject to change)…

Morning Sessions:

The Mind of a Growth Based Business Owner (and its customers)

State of the Marketing Union

  •  Let’s face it, marketing your business now isn’t the same now as it was 12 months ago. Facebook, Google, and others continue to change the rules every day. What got you to this point in your journey, will not get you to the next point. It’s time to quit relying on antiquated thinking and grow!
  • We will train you on how to make sure your business and ads stay visible, no matter how many competitors you have.
  • What adaptations you must make to stay profitable when there is a new competitor every day in your industry.
  • What to do when your customer is bombarded by email and ads every day and has become “immune” to advertising.

Advanced Persuasion and Copywriting

  • How to influence your leads to buy through the words you choose.
  • Smarter strategies to get attention and respect. (as competition increases what your leads think of you becomes more and more important and harder to influence)
  • Know what they really want and how to match your offering to their true wants (not needs).

The morning session is packed with crucial knowledge you won’t find others talking about. Check your ego at the door for this session as we walk through the realities of what is needed from you the owner to really grow your business and income.

Lunch Provided & Mastermind Session for VIP Tickets ONLY

(Lunch on own for general admission)

Afternoon Sessions: Scale and Grow

Everything you always wanted to know about marketing, but were too scared to ask! Marketing and Owners Roundtable

  • Back again by popular demand! Bring your marketing and business questions, content, or challenges and get help NOW. We will review, answer questions, critique, and discuss all live for your benefit!

Let’s face it, we are all super busy. Just spending this day on your business is a big investment of time. In the afternoon session we are going to help you position your business for further growth that allows you to actually have more free time!

Building an infinitely scaleable foundation

  • How to spot and fix the three areas every business loses money in.
  • How to create automated marketing strategies that work better than full time staff.
  • Learn how to use marketing to recruit better and more reliable staff without wasting your time on duds.
  • Build your dream life. It’s different for everyone and if you don’t know your vision, you are working your butt off for nothing. We will help you plan your ideal work/life balance and get started moving towards us.

You got into business to be your own boss. You are not scared of hard work and it has been responsible for growth and relative success. Your growth and success has exposed countless more problems including staffing issues, disorganization, and missed opportunities. You know it is time to get serious and put the systems in place that will allow continued growth without any more chaos.

You will walk out the door with ready to go tools, techniques, and systems to grow your business year-round. Every attendee will receive a download after the workshop with ready to model examples of most everything we cover. This is the year to quit stalling and get serious about filling in those last gaps and pouring more fuel on the fire. You owe it to yourself and your family to be in attendance for one day that can change the entire future for you. It is up to you to take action, but we will provide the tools and techniques.

Event Location

About the Organizer

Hosted By: Justin Miller Justin Miller is a small business sales and marketing automation specialist. He is also an Infusionsoft certified partner and help business owners get more customers and sales by implementing marketing systems in their companies. With a 20+ year background also running an event company (sold in 2017), Justin one of the leading experts on marketing and sales management in the wedding, event, and entertainment industries. He started his first “real” company as a mobile DJ in 1996 at the age of 14. This company is still in operation and has since spun off several other companies and services. Justin is the president of Profit 911 Business Consulting. He teaches other business owners what is currently working as well as what he has learned from tens of thousands of dollars in failed marketing experiments. Justin’s goal is to help others overcome their unique business challenges so that they can grow their business and enjoy more income and more free time. He has appeared on dozens of TV and radio stations including affiliates of: NBC, FOX, and CBS He travels and speaks for groups both large and small around the county and internationally presenting both keynotes and workshops. He writes for multiple international publications. In addition and most importantly, he is married to his wife Kat and has two sons, Logan and Mason. Justin is a firm believer in the power of the written word for getting your message across as well as building


Event Speakers

Justin Miller
Marketing Automation Consultant

Justin Miller is a small business sales and marketing automation specialist. He is also an Infusionsoft certified partner and help business owners get more customers and sales by implementing marketing systems in their companies. With a 20+ year background also running an event company (sold in 2017), Justin one of the leading experts on marketing and sales management in the wedding, event, and entertainment industries.
Zack Wenthe
Corporate Marketing Strategist

Uniquely qualified to drive your company to the next level, Zack Wenthe is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, author, speaker, and family man. He has worked with a broad range of customers and clients from startups to Fortune 100, including Walmart, Nationwide Insurance, Dr Pepper Snapple, FedEx Office, among many others.

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